3 great flavors!

It’s okay to be a little picky.  We created 3 flavors that don’t “suck.” Made with USDA certified organic ingredients and ingredients you can pronounce like natural fruit pectin and organic honey.

strawberry flavor package


Strawberry is a favorite flavor amongst most little ones.  We keep our ingredients simple and organic allowing the natural flavor of strawberry to be enjoyed.

orange mango flavor package

Orange Mango

 Kids, keep this pop close by, it seems to be a favorite amongst momeez and dadeez.  This sweet combo is sure to help soothe sore throats and put a smile on everyone’s face.

watermelon flavor package


  This pop brings a taste of freshness to brighten your day.  Infused with organic honey and a natural watermelon taste.  A simple way to not feel so crummy.