Lolleez Variety Pack 3-Pack

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  • Organic Throat Soothing Pops for Kids

  • USDA Certified Organic

  • Non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free and nut free

  • Infused with pectin and honey to soothe sore throats

  • Flat shape to minimize choking hazard (vs. a round ball - eek!)

  • 15 Count Pack of three flavors - Watermelon, Strawberry, and Orange Mango

  • Recommended for Ages 3+

Customer Reviews

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I love these so much

they are amazing flavors and some times I just have one because then taste so good.

Highly Recommend

Lolleez have been a life saver in our house! Whenever my kids get a sore throat from a cough/cold or allergies, they have a Lolleez and immediately feel better and stop complaining. With kids there are not many options for over-the-counter medicine I feel comfortable with as a parent, and these are a fantastic option. I highly recommend picking up a pack to try! I normally find mine at Target.


i’ve always hated throat lozenges. i thought they tasted gross. when i was in target, i came across these and thought the packaging was cute and the flavors looked good. i decided to give it a shot and i LOVED them! i don’t have kids, i am 21 years old and use these for myself. i love lolleez because they taste good and they make me feel like i’m a kid again.

Great product

We were looking for a product just like this for a score throat. The only thing I don't like is that is't a really big pack. It's two packs, so 30 lollipops in total. But if you have a few kids it's totally worth it.
With the multi pack you receive five of each flavor watermelon, strawberry, and orange mango. You will always end up with a flavor your kids don't like, but that's why we like the multi-pack. One kid like strawberry, the other orange mango, and the last one the watermelon.
It's a great product for younger kids. It keeps them distracted from the score throat.

Soothing sore throat and cough

These are great for any age and easy to pack in a bag.

we love

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