The Immuniteez Story

Immuniteez Organic Immune Support Pops for Kids Immunity ElderberryI often get asked how Momeez Choice got started, and I’ve gotten used to telling the story of how the idea for Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops came to be. (Almost four years ago, my oldest daughter was sick with strep and pneumonia. Her throat was sore, and she was absolutely miserable. As a mom, it killed me to feel helpless, and I just wished there was something I could give her that would help her feel better. Cough drops made me nervous because of the potential choking hazard, and the idea for a lollipop throat lozenge “popped” into my head - pun intended.)

Telling this story, I realize it doesn’t do justice how much we as a brand have worked hard to continue to bring new innovations and effective organic products to families that make their life just a little easier.

As a founder, I was extremely proud of the Momeez Choice team for bringing Immuniteez Immune Support Pops to the shelf this past year, and I thought it was time I share that story.

The Immuniteez story starts with my other daughter, who dislikes gummy vitamins (and lets that be known to the whole house each morning). One day she asked me – “Mom, why can’t you just make a vitamin lollipop?”

Well, shoot. I guess I could.

From the start our team knew it was a great idea, but we weren’t sure it was the right time. As you can imagine, bringing a new line of products to life isn’t easy. I felt like we were parents debating having another child – Should we do it? Could we handle it? What would it take?

Fast forward to the beginning of 2020. The world experiences a pandemic and changes life as we know it for the foreseeable future. Momeez Choice’s mission is always to make life a little “eezier” for children and their parents. We asked ourselves – what can we do to help make life a little easier right now? We took a look at the world and realized that, among many other things, parents had a heightened worry about effectively supporting their kids’ immune systems.

We knew it was time to bring Immuniteez Immune Support Pops to life. We worked extremely hard as a team to make it happen. Then, in September 2020, we were extremely excited to launch Immuniteez in Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Wegmans.