Back to School with Momeez Choice

Back to School! Get Ready with Momeez Choice Products 

For parents, there’s always a lot of uncertainty surrounding back to school time – do we have everything we need? Will my kid like his class this year? Will we be able to get back into a routine? How am I supposed to balance packing lunches, helping with homework, cooking dinner, driving to sports games….the list goes on!


While we can’t help you be ready for EVERYTHING this school year, Momeez Choice products can help you be prepared for (almost) anything. 

  1. Is their immune system ready? Try Immuniteez! 

Immuniteez Organic Immune Support* Pops are packed with vitamins C, D, E, zinc, selenium and more to help support* your little one’s immune system. And it’s a lollipop! Perfect to pack daily with school lunches.

immune support immunity kids vitamins back to school

  1. Sleep schedules a little off from summer vacation? Use Sleepeez!

Sleepeez Organic Sleep + Immune Support* Pops have 1 mg of melatonin to help promote a restful night’s sleep. Great for occasional sleeplessness while your kiddos get adjusted to that back-to-school sleep schedule. 

sleep support melatonin for kids back to school immune systems children vitamins
  1. Tummies upset from back-to-school nerves? Tumeez helps with that!

It’s totally normal for a kid to be nervous leading up to the first day of school. Tumeez Organic Tummy Soothing pops have an active ingredient, calcium carbonate, to help settle those nervous tummies.

 kids stomach ache medicine anxiety upset tummy back to school childrens pepto antacid tums

  1. Kids catch something from being back at school? Lolleez for sore throats!

Kids and germs tend to find each other every year as school gets back in session. Be ready to “eez” sore throats with Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops.

throat soothing cough drop for kids throat spray syrup medicine children's symptom relief