5 Tips for Car-sick Kids

If you’ve escape cleaning kids’ vomit from your car, consider yourself a lucky parent (and power to you, every experience of parenthood is different!)

If you’re like me, you haven’t been so lucky. My son gets very nauseous every time we go on long car rides, and it’s even worse when he’s in the way back of the car (I have four kids, someone has to go back there). From my experience, I’ve found these tricks help with his car sickness:

  1. Tumeez Organic Tummy Soothing Pops

A lollipop to help with upset stomachs? Say no more!

Tumeez are made with delicious organic, clean ingredients infused with 200 mg of organic compliant calcium carbonate (80mg of calcium) and organic honey. Calcium carbonate is an ingredient from the earth that helps to settle upset tummies. 

As soon as we jump in the car, I hand my son a Tumeez lollipop (his favorite is grape, the pops come in both grape and apple flavors!). Since we’ve had this road-trip habit, he hasn’t gotten sick in the car once! He also doesn’t get drowsy like with other antacid products, and he enjoys taking them because he just thinks it’s candy (my girls even get jealous and start to complain of their “car sickness” too).

  1. Limit distractions (phones, electronics, books, etc.)

As boring as it might be for your kiddo who gets car sick, it is worth it in the long run to limit any sort of activities during your drive. It can be tempting to have a phone, video game or book on hand to keep kids occupied during a long road trip. For the kiddo who gets car sick, it might not be such a good idea. I’ve found that my son will be having a fine time in the car, and that makes him think he’s in the clear. As soon as he starts to play with my phone to pass the time, it’s game over.


Side note: Keep in mind that every kid is different! My daughter can do homework, read a book, or be on her phone in the car no problem (I don’t know how).



  1. Take straight roads with limited traffic

We live in a small town with lots of windy back roads, so I understand it might not always be an option. But if there are options for how to get somewhere and what time to be on the roads, try to think of the option that will have the most straight route with the least amount of stop-and-go.

  1. Open the windows

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air! Sit the kiddo who gets car sick by the window if possible, and make sure they know when they are feeling a bit queasy they can put the window down to get a nice breeze. 

If it’s raining or super hot, blasting the AC gives a similar “fresh air” feeling – as long as the car you’re in sends the air in a way that reaches the back seat. 

  1. Check in with your kiddos during the drive

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do. But being prepared goes a long way, and asking your child frequently how they’re feeling can let you know if it’s fine to keep driving or if he/she might need to take a break at the next rest stop to get some fresh air and reset.


That’s what I’ve got! I know travelling with kids is never “eezy”, but these are the best ways I’ve found to make car rides with the family a little more manageable.