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March 17, 2017
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May 16, 2017

Momeez Matter Too…

Often taking time for self-care is looked at as selfish or comes along with “mommy guilt.”  Mom’s always feel like they have to conquer the world, do it all, be superhuman.  How are we expected to do it all if we don’t take time to take care of ourselves?

For many years, I prioritized naps, meals, mommy play dates, and activities for the kids.  I focused so much energy on my family and my home that I neglected to take care of myself.  It wasn’t until my youngest was about 2 years old that I decided I really needed to make “healthy time,” for me.  I needed time to let my brain shut down, to not be in mommy mode and to find some kind of release.  I began making time for walks and runs a few days a week. I didn’t enjoy running at first, but it gave me time to focus on me. As time went on I noticed how a good run would change my entire day for the better.  It didn’t matter how far or fast I went, but just getting outside and having time to release some energy felt good.

Slowly, a snow ball effect occurred where running led to workout groups and workout groups led to becoming a health coach.  Through this experience I have made lifelong friends, lifelong changes to my body, and most importantly I feel good and am able to better care for myself, my family and my home.  I have learned that putting myself first is not selfish, but necessary.  Running isn’t necessarily “my thing,” but taking time for a good workout has become an amazing outlet.

Try to give yourself 10 unplugged alone minutes a day.  Choose your favorite activity like reading a book, journaling, meditating or a quick workout.  Taking this time will always help to recharge those super powers!

What are your favorite self-care activities?