Winter Activities for Little Ones

Sick Day or Snow Day – here are four new ways to keep your kiddos entertained as winter weather moves in!

Keep Kids Entertained

Over the past few months of 2020, many of us have become accustomed to staying home. But no matter how long our kids have been home, they never seem to get used to it! In fact, my kids have become more and more antsy over time -  just itching to do something. As the weather here in New England gets colder and I rack my brain for ways to keep the kids entertained indoors, I thought I’d share some ideas!

Boy playing activities indoor on snow day sick day

Four Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Days In

1. Movie Day with Extra Fun – A Fort!

Moms tend to feel mom-guilt for … actually, for almost anything we do. BUT I think a lot of that comes when we think we should be doing stuff with our kids when we simply can’t be. “Throwing kids in front of the TV” has such a bad connotation for being a “lazy” solution. And while I do NOT think that anyone has the right to judge any mom for her parenting style, I do think this creative solution makes watching a movie a more active and involved experience!

Have your kids vote for a movie, and before pressing play, gather all of the extra blankets and pillows you have to build a fort! It can be as simple as throwing a blanket over the whole couch, or it can have extravagant tunnels. Either way, a lazy movie day just turned into an entertaining activity.

2. Build a Sock Snowman

Such a simple craft. All you need is a few pairs of socks – preferably long white ones for the body of the snowman, and whatever old socks you want to use for stuffing! You’ll also need some rubber bands (hair-ties, ribbons, etc. all work too – whatever you have!)

Stuff the long white sock with the other socks (or paper towels, recycled newspapers, cotton balls, etc.). Use the rubber bands to separate the stuffed sock into three different sections. Then use a marker to draw the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Simple!

3. Elf on the Shelf

Some moms and dads love their Elf on the Shelf. Our family’s elf happens to be the bane of my existence (I promise I’m not a Grinch). But WHATEVER the case is in your family, this activity is creative and fun for kids of all ages! Set each of your kiddos up with a piece of paper and something to draw with (markers, crayons, colored pencils, whatever you have.) Tell them to draw something mischievous that they think your elf might do before Christmas. That’s it! They’ll spend time being creative thinking and drawing, and you might even get some ideas out of it!

4. Pin the Nose on the Snowman

This activity takes a little bit of prep – but it can be as simple/elaborate as you want (or have time for!). Now that I have older kids, my go-to is crafts that are simple enough that they can help make for their younger siblings. This keeps them involved without getting too bored!

For the body of the snowman, take any paper you have – printer paper if you have it, but newspaper works too! Cut it into the shape of a snowman (add a hat if you’re feeling creative, just three circles for the body if you’re low on time). Tape together any loose pieces and voila!

Now pick something orange for your carrot. (In my family – we use an Orange Mango Lolleez) It can be an actual carrot, a piece of paper cut to look like one, a dog toy, whatever you have! We do this activity on the floor so there’s no need for tape to make the nose stay.

Blindfold each child and have them try to place the carrot where the nose of the snowman should be! Mark each child’s turn to see who gets the closest. Depending on how many kiddos you have, and how much they enjoy a challenge, this activity could last a while!