Tips for Summer Travel With Kids


With spring here and summer around the corner, my family and I are getting ready for some day trips! I bet we’re not the only ones planning to do a bit of local travel by car. That said, I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks for traveling with kiddos. As a mom of four, I’ve pocketed a few over the years.


  1. Your kids are never too old to pee before you leave

In the potty-training days, it was habit to ask my kids if they had to use the bathroom before we went anywhere. (And strongly encourage… cough force cough… them to do so.) Somewhere along the way, I figured they were old enough to decide for themselves. And while I’m all for letting your kiddos be independent – never, ever, ever believe them when they say they’re okay not using the bathroom before you leave. They’ll have to.
  1. Battle Car Sickness with Tumeez Organic Tummy Soothing Pops

My son gets SO car sick, and I used to feel absolutely helpless every time he started to complain of nausea. No matter how short the drive, he always seemed to have a tough time. Now I always have a bag of Tumeez in the car. Tumeez Organic Tummy Soothing pops have calcium carbonate (the same active ingredient in common antacids) to help soothe the stomach. No more need for a car puke bag! (Yes, it’s as gross as it sounds… ah, motherhood.)
  1. Over-estimate how long your trip is going to take

Pack snacks. Pack drinks. If you think it’ll only be a few hours, and your kids should be able to last that long without a snack, the road trip gods will prove you wrong. Just pack snacks.
  1. Give Your Kids the Itinerary Ahead of Time

You know your kids, so take this as you will. But I always found my kids do way better when they have clear expectations for the day. I’m not talking about sharing a minute-by-minute breakdown of the day, but a little heads up goes a long way. Ex: The ride will be about an hour (two Paw Patrol episodes, for those too young to understand what that means.) This two-second explanation saves you all from an upset kid who was not mentally prepared for the day.
  1. Don’t forget these must haves!

    1. Tumeez for motion sickness! (it’s worth mentioning again, trust us.)

    2. Wipes

    3. First Aid Kits

    4. Sunscreen

    5. Snacks/Water