Summer Travel: Road Trip Activities

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We’ve all been there: packing up the family for an exciting summer adventure, ready to road trip. It’s only a quick 3 hour drive to the shore! And then…. “ARE WE THERE YET?”

Uh oh… how to entertain the kiddos for the rest of the ride? Try these games our Momeez Choice team has put together from their family traditions! (Oh, and don’t forget to bring your Tumeez to help with the car sick kids!

1. The License Plate Game

This one’s simple: how many different states can you spot? When anyone in the car sees a license plate from a different state, they shout it out to the rest of the group. One point for each new state. Whoever has the most points by the time you reach your destination wins!

Tip: If your kids are prone to competitive fights, make it a team-work activity. How many can the family get as a whole before you reach the destination?

Complicate it: For more advanced rules, apply a point system for how far the state is from where you are! (Ex: If you’re driving on the West Coast, a California plate might be one point, an Illinois plate 2 points, and a North Carolina plate 3 points!)

2. The Alphabet Game

Ever catch yourself reading all the signs along a drive, just out of boredom? Might as well make a game out of it! The goal of this game is to find a word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. The catch? You have to go in order! (You have to find a word that begins with the letter “A” before you can move on to the letter “B”).

More rules: Each word can only count for one player (the first player to call it out). That player moves onto the next letter, and every one else needs to find a different word before they can move on.

Note: The same word on a different sign counts as a new word. For example, Player A and Player B are both trying to find a word that starts with “E”. Player A spots “Exit” on a sign for Exit 1. Down the road Player B spots “Exit” on a sign for Exit 2. Both would count.

First one to get A-Z wins!

3. Movie Game

If your kiddos like movies, this one should be a fun one! One person starts with a movie title. The next person has to think of a movie title that begins with the same letter that the last movie ended with.

Example: Person A says “Titanic”. Titanic ends with c. Person B has to think of a movie that begins with the letter c. Like “Castaway.”