Springtime Must Haves – Activities and Parent Hacks

Spring has sprung! And our family has some seasonal must-haves that have become our favorites over the years. We wanted to share some of our favorites, from fun activities to parent hacks, with hopes it helps make having fun a little “eezier” this spring.

1. Driveway chalk!

Easily found at stores like Target, Walmart, or on Amazon, driveway chalk is an affordable way to entertain kids outside. One of my favorite things about driveway chalk as an activity is that the energy level can vary, which makes it perfect for kids with different personalities. (For example, my son is very calm and enjoys drawing out sports scenes by himself. On the other hand, my daughter has a ton of energy. She uses the chalk to play hopscotch and draw other obstacles for herself to try to maneuver with her bike.) Plus, it keeps the kids outside when it’s nice.

2. Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops!

Both fun and a mom-hack, Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops are a spring must-have for little ones with seasonal allergies. We always bring a bag of Lolleez along to watch my son’s baseball games or going on a family hike. Any time I expect us to be outdoors for a while, I make sure I’m stocked up to help soothe sore throats when they come.

3. Hike!
Speaking of being outdoors…. Our family LOVES to hike in the springtime, and we’ve found that wherever you are, it just takes a quick Google search to find good hiking spots near you. I love hikes because they keep the kids active and outdoors, and they often don’t cost anything! Many places also have maps to show how long/difficult the hike is, so you can adjust your hiking plans to meet your family’s needs for the day!

4. Picnic!

From popsicles on a blanket to full on homemade sandwiches in a wicker basket, the idea of a picnic is perfect for springtime activities. Meals with kiddos are often messy anyway – why not bring it outdoors? Sometimes my family will pile in our car and head to the local park, other times we simply sit in our backyard! Lesson here is – spring activities don’t have to be fancy to be fun.