Lolleez For Allergy Season


Mom Hack Alert!

I know with my little one, spring allergies are always a struggle. No matter how many allergy products we try, we can’t find one that eliminates ALL of her symptoms. We often supplement her allergy medicine with nasal sprays and eye drops, but there’s nothing for her sore throat from post-nasal drip (cough drops make me nervous…choking hazard!).

Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops are a great solution. Our family started using Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops for sore throats in the fall and into cold/flu season, the typical time my kiddos get sick from picking up germs at school. Recently, my daughter asked for a Lolleez because her throat hurt from her seasonal allergies. Light bulb moment! These pops are perfect for allergy season, which makes they’re great to have stocked up year-round!

Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops Kids Seasonal Allergies Sore Throat Post Nasal Drip Remedy Relief

Long story short - I feel like a prepared mom when I stock up on Momeez Choice products. The reality for parents is that we never know what is going to “pop” up (lame pun intended). Kids get bumps and bruises, coughs and colds, and we never know when it’s going to happen. Adding Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops to my weekly grocery list was one of the best things I ever did. Now, when my kiddo complains of a sore throat, I’m ready! 

-Jenny, Mom of 2