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May 16, 2017
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October 17, 2017
lolleez cough pops

Spring time sniffles and sore throats!

The idea for Lolleez first came about during the winter months, when cold and flu is at it’s peak.  It’s around this time that our kids are all getting hit with strep and bronchitis.  When we really need some organic remedies to help ease all of our days.  As we entered the spring and fall, I realized that sniffles and sore throats were just as brutal as cough and cold.  With coughs, sniffles and runny noses,  I quickly realized that these pops were going to be a blessing all year round.

My kids are very sensitive.  If they are hungry, tired, or not feeling well, they are very likely to turn into beasts :)!  I remember when one of twins was 2 years old, she was uncomfortable to the point where her behavior was out of control.  I couldn’t understand why she was acting so grumpy (that’s putting it lightly).  I know everyone says, “terrible two’s,” but this was different.  I brought her to the doctor who quickly informed me, “No, this is not who your child is, don’t worry.  She has allergies which are making her very uncomfortable causing her to act out.”  Phew!!!   I quickly remedied her up with as much natural options as I could, but also used the over the counter recommendations from the doctor.  Her behavior quickly changed as her level of discomfort diminished.

To this day, all four of my kids, have some degree of spring and fall sniffles and sore throats.  Little coughs, and post nasal drip that causes a sore throat.  I don’t love having to give them daily medication, so I try and reserve it for the more difficult days, such as when there is higher pollen.  I have found that the soothing pop gives me that time in between when they are not feeling well and when the medicine kicks in.  I love that my kids have the choice to soothe their little sore throats to help ease their pain.  I hope by sharing this, you too can find comfort and ease in your high allergy days with a Lolleez.